3 Angels Nepal

We know that saving lives is great. Changing lives is better.






Shocking, isn’t it?!

Statistics like these only give you a vague idea of what is going on.  Behind every statistic there is a story; a girl whose life has been ripped apart.  A community left shattered.

3 Angels Nepal was created to rid Nepal of Human Trafficking through Rescue, Rehabilitation and Prevention. 3 Angels Community Radio is just one of our many initiatives. 

Please see our projects below to realise the strength of 3 Angels Nepal:

Human Trafficking


Each year, around 20,000 girls are smuggled from Nepal into India, where they are forced to work in the sex industry. We work closely with authorities to stop human traffickers before they cross into India from where it is almost impossible to retrieve the girls.
To read more about our work to prevent Human Trafficking, click here.


Children’s Homes



Orphanages in Nepal are struggling to cope with the rising number of orphaned and unwanted children. Our aim is to provide more than a place to stay. We create homes with parental love and guidance to vulnerable and traumatised children.

To read more about our work with Children’s Homes, click here.


Women’s Safe Haven Home


Traffickers selling girls and women to the sex trade in India target Nepali communities.  Safe Haven helps to rehabilitate and restore their lives for a chance at a better future.
To read more about our work with Women’s Safe Haven Home, click here.


Prison Outreach Program


When a mother is jailed, her children are often jailed with her. They spend their childhood behind bars. We can take care of their children and offer basic supplies, support and education so they have a chance at a future outside the prison walls.
To read more about our Prison Outreach Program, click here.


3 Angels Nepal International Mission School


Prison Outreach ProgramMany of the poorest children in Nepal have no access to education. Our aim is to change that by building self-supporting schools that give the gift of education to those who need it the most. And by providing education, we can give these children hope for a better future.
To read more about 3 Angels Nepal International Mission School, click here.

So, please, ask yourself, do you really to need to buy that coffee today?

How about donating it instead and preventing a young girl from falling into the hands of sex attackers, rapists, smugglers and murderers?

Surely that’s worth more than the price of a coffee?

Please show your human side today and Donate to 3 Angels Nepal here.