3 Angels Community Radio

An Effective Way of Communication.

Transmitting a regular radio broadcast has proved to be the most effective means of connecting to remote rural communities. We have been able to give these communities a greater understanding of what is happening just across the border and the danger the sex industry poses to girls and women.

These communities can then pass the news onto neighbouring villages so our message reaches many more people, helping them to safeguard their daughters, sisters and wives.

It’s the ripple effect that we aim to have and right now it’s our main way of spreading the word and preventing the crime. Preventing a crisis is cheaper and more effective than dealing with the aftermath.


What We Broadcast.

As well as talking about the dangers of human trafficking and the tactics the traffickers use, we also inform communities about basic health and hygiene to help prevent contamination; the importance of clean water;and how to stop the spread of disease.

3 Angels is an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) but is motivated by God’s love. As such, we also broadcast the Gospel message and Bible stories to motivate and inspire. We believe that God’s love changes lives; however, we rescue and help all, regardless of their beliefs.


Funding the Program.

Advertisers are a valuable source of revenue and this is how we are able to fund our vital broadcasts. The more impact we have, the more advertisers we can attract to help fund the program. We also rely on charitable donations, which helps pay for equipment, running costs and other resources.

Our aim is to become fully self-sufficient by appealing to advertisers but costs for running a radio broadcast are high. Yearly operating costs are A$10,000 and this doesn’t include equipment and installation.

Help Us Stop Human Trafficking.

Donations are still desperately needed to keep the outreach radio broadcasts running. With your help we can reach more communities and save more young girls and women from a life of fear and abuse.

So, please, ask yourself, do you really to need to buy that coffee today?

How about donating it instead and preventing a young girl from falling into the hands of sex attackers, rapists, smugglers and murderers?

Surely that’s worth more than the price of a coffee?

Please show your human side today and Donate to 3 Angels Nepal here.